Contemporary Irish Piano Music Exhibition at CMC

CMC will hold an exhibition on Contemporary Irish Piano Music in the Library from 11-21 November 2014. This is to mark the Archives & Records Association's 'Explore Your Archives' Campaign (10-14 November) and the Library Association of Ireland's Library Ireland Week (17-21 November).

Piano scores from the CMC collection will be on display, and visitors will be encouraged to explore the collection further. There will be a piano set up in the library to try out the works, and recordings will be available to listen to. There will also be concert programmes and other ephemera from performances over the past fifty years on display, to introduce visitors to the highlights in piano music from this time period up to the present day.

CMC's Piano Albums I-VII will be available to view, along with selected works from the CMC Piano Catalogue curated by Conor Linehan. These works are graded from Grade 1 - Diploma level, so pianists of all levels of experience should find a work to suit them! The exhibition will open from 10am-5.30pm Monday to Friday for both weeks.

On Monday 17 November at 4.30pm, pianist Conor Linehan will give an overview of graded works from the CMC Library for piano students, with a view to presenting accessible and exciting repertoire and opening up a door to contemporary Irish piano music in an informative and entertaining way.