We Only Want The Earth: Episode 1

We Only Want The Earth: Once Heard You Can't Unhear It 

In episode one of the series, Karen Power describes how recording the sounds of our changing world has shaped her music. Presenter Jonathan Grimes joins composer and sound artist Robert Coleman on a soundwalk in the Belfast hills. Natalia Beylis, Ian Wilson and Gráinne Mulvey share how profoundly climate change is affecting them and influencing their work at local and global levels, and we ask if music can move us to positive action with Judith Ring. Featuring contributions from musicologist Stephen Graham and composers Éna Brennan, Nick Roth and Jennifer Walshe


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We Only Want The Earth is a Contemporary Music Centre production for RTÉ lyric FM co-funded by Coimisiún na Meán, Sound & Vision Scheme and RTÉ Independent Radio Productions. Presented and produced by Jonathan Grimes. Co-produced with Helen Shaw, Athena Media. RTÉ lyric fm Series Producer: Eoin O Kelly. Production Coordinator: Lily Collins. Additional recording and editing: Keith Fennell. We Only Want The Earth graphic design by Ronan McDonnell.