Musical Tales 2021

Presented by CMC in association with One Dublin One Book, this event features a programme of works curated by composer Jane O’Leary that resonate with the book, ‘Leonard and Hungry Paul' by Rónán Hession, followed by a live panel discussion with the author and curator hosted by CMC's Linda O'Shea Farren.

This online event akes place on 8 April 2021 (click here to join the event) and includes works by composers Linda Buckley, Greg Caffrey, Ben Dwyer, David Fennessy, Deirdre McKay and Jonathan Nangle that were selected from CMC’s collection by composer curator Jane O’Leary based on connections with Leonard and Hungry Paul by Rónán Hession, be it through themes, era, characters, places, ideas, sounds, images, etc.

Performances of these works are presented alongside readings by the author from the book that inspired their selection, together with contributions by the curator.

The event also features specially produced films by filmmakers Jonathan Creasy and Tadhg O’Sullivan for three of the programmed works.


Linda Buckley - exploding stars (2011)
Darragh Morgan - violin, Linda Buckley - electronics
Film commissioned by CMC and created by Tadhg O’Sullivan

Deirdre McKay - a pale yellow sky, mvts. 1 and 7 (2005)
Clíona Doris - harp
Work and film commissioned by The Naughton Gallery, Queen’s University Belfast from 2005 featuring artworks by Jean Duncan

David Fennessy - Changeless and the changed (2014)
Alice Rickards - violin, Sonia Cromarty - cello
Film commissioned by CMC and created by Jonathan Creasy

Benjamin Dwyer - disjecta iii from five disjecta (after Beckett) (2019)
Benjamin Dwyer - guitar
Film commissioned by CMC and created by Jonathan Creasy

Jonathan Nangle - Mandala (2020)
Deirdre O’Leary - clarinet
Work commissioned, recorded and filmed for Music Network's ‘Butterfly Sessions 2020’

Greg Caffrey - Bagatelle No. 2 (2019)
Matthew McAllister - guitar

This event is supported by funding provided by Dublin UNESCO City of Literature and Dublin City Council.


Linda Buckley - Exploding Stars. NMC D258. ℗ 2020 NMC Recordings Ltd. All rights reserved.

Deirdre McKay - a pale yellow sky, mvt 1 a pale yellow sky and mvt 7 late autumn - waiting (2005). Available on the RTÉ lyric fm record label. This video was shot and directed by Gerard Stratton with visual artist Jean Duncan and produced by Atmos Productions with sound by Chris Corrigan. Sadly, Jean Duncan (1933–2018) with whom this was a collaboration, died peacefully in her sleep on 2nd October 2018 as a result of Motor Neurone Disease.

David Fennessy - Changeless and the changed. Available on CMC’s album new music::new Ireland three. All rights reserved

Jonathan Nangle - Mandala. Commissioned by Music Network in 2020 and premiered by Deirdre O’Leary as part of Music Network’s The Butterfly Sessions. Music Network is funded by the Arts Council. All rights reserved.

Benjamin Dwyer - disjecta iii from five disjecta (after Beckett). Available on the Diatribe Records album What is the Word.

Greg Caffrey - Bagatelle No. 2. Video produced by Open Strings Berlin, with sound by Stephen O’Hagan. All rights reserved.