Music 21 Concert Series

Music 21 Series 2009

A short video preview of the forthcoming Music 21concert series, featuring an interview with Artistic Director Benjamin Dwyerand composer Frank Lyons, whose work TEASE is performed in the first concert on 31 August 2009.

The Music 21 concert series takes place from 31 August and throughout September 2009 at the John Field Room at the National Concert Hall, Dublin.

The series includes performances by Mary Dullea (31 August), the Callino Quartet and pianist Hugh Tinney (1 September), and the Fidelio Trio, who perform a concert of Deirdre Gribbin's music on 11 September.

Dublin-based Japanese pianist Izumi Kimura and Irish flautist Susan Doyle premiere a new work by Artistic Director Benjamin Dwyer on 4 September, and the composer also joins the Callino Quartet on 18 September to perform his Guitar Quintet.

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Benjamin Dwyer was interviewed on 23 July 2009, and Frank Lyons was interviewed at the Goethe Institut, Dublin on 5 November 2008.

The views expressed in this interview are those of the persons concerned and are not necessarily the views of the Contemporary Music Centre.

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