Larissa O'Grady 'Swept Through The Floods' (2023)

Larissa O'Grady 'Swept Through the Floods' (2023)

Larissa O'Grady performs Swept Through the Floods (2023) by composer Judith Ring.

Swept Through the Floods was commissioned by Larissa O'Grady and supported by an Arts Council Ireland Commission Award. The work was developed by the artists through CMC's Contemporary Artists Network, an initiative which supports New Music collaborations.

Judith Ring describes her work:

The piece reflects on the many environmental flooding disasters that are occurring around the world. The basic structure flows from calm to chaos and back to calm again with the violin floating along on top throughout. The ending is quite serene and somewhat mournful as the floods subside.

Recorded at the Contemporary Music Centre, © The Contemporary Music Centre, 2023.

'Swept Through The Floods' is the title music for We Only Want The Earth (, a two-part documentary for RTÉ lyric FM’s the Lyric Feature presented by Jonathan Grimes (CMC Ireland) which explores how Irish composers are responding to the climate challenge through their work. The series is broadcast on RTÉ lyric FM in March 2024, find out more.

Videographer: Sławek Bracki.

Audio recording: Keith Fennell.