Karen Power on her work, 'Invitation to Wander'

Karen Power talks to CMC about her work, ‘Invitation to Wander’, which will be performed during Cork Midsummer Festival from 19 - 22 June.

The large-scale multi-roomed work explores four of the world’s most fascinating and remote environments: the Arctic, Amazon, Australian Outback and Deserts, and features Quiet Music Ensemble; vocalists, Ute Wassermann and Michelle O’Rourke; and a ‘Sound Choir’, with imagery by John Godfrey.

In an interview recorded earlier this month, Karen talks to CMC’s Jonathan Grimes about the origins of the piece, its relationship to opera, climate change and how this might affect how audiences engage with and perceive the work, the importance of place in her music and how field recording enables her to hear a place.