Interview with Ryan Molloy on his new CD release Innisfail

Ryan Molloy on his new CD Innisfail by CMCIreland

Composer Ryan Molloy talks about his CD release of piano works Innisfail performed by Alexander Bernstein. The album includes the title work - a large-scale 30 minute piano work - as well as the earlier Sliabh Geal gCua.

In this interview, recorded in March 2016, Ryan Molloy talks about how the CD release came about, writing the two works, working with Alexander Bernstein, and complexity in his music and it's relationship with traditional music: 

People ask you often - why is your music so difficult to play? I think there's a lot of connection with the frenetic and complex stuff that happens in traditional music ... and that energy gets channeled into more complex shapes and harmonies.

The CD is available for purchase in CMC's Shop.