'Contemporary Notation in Sibelius Clinic' with Anselm McDonnell

'Contemporary Notation in Sibelius Clinic' with Anselm McDonnell

With a view to providing composers and performers with opportunities for developing skills needed for a sustainable career, the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland (CMC) places Continuing Professional Development for composers and new music specialists at the core of its programme of activities. 

Lockdown and other Covid-19 restrictions from mid-March 2020 onwards necessitated a switch of focus for many composers and contemporary music specialist performers.  While much contemporary music composition involves ongoing collaboration between composers and performers.  With this in mind, CMC instigated in-depth clinics in relation to various technical aspects of the art of composition.  

The first in this series was a clinic on Contemporary Notation in Sibelius delivered by Anselm McDonnell on 7 July 2020.  Clinics in Logic and other topics will follow. 

This ‘Contemporary Notation in Sibelius’ clinic was delivered by composer performer Anselm McDonnell took place on 7 July 2020, and was the first in a series of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events presented by Linda O’Shea Farren, Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland throughout July 2020 in response to issues raised by composers and performers during Covid-19 restrictions.

In the form of a clinic, Anselm McDonnell answers a myriad of specific notation problems raised in advance by participants in this session and shows visually through a detailed slide presentation how they can be fixed.  

Following this slide presentation, Linda O’Shea Farren opens the floor to a Q&A discussion about how to overcome various quirks of notation software in the field of new music.