Holistic Approaches to Performance Anxiety with Dr Xenia Pestova Bennett

27 April 2024 14:00

Image: Nick Romero

Are you a nervous performer? Do you experience shaky limbs, tunnel vision, lack of focus, butterflies in the stomach? Does your mind go blank as soon as you find yourself in front of people? Do you make mistakes despite being able to get through your material in private?

Help is available! Instead of fighting our own physiology or focussing on manifestations of anxiety, we can look at the wider picture and access simple and practical tools to support preparation for important events. Join concert pianist and performance anxiety coach Dr Xenia Pestova Bennett to learn five approaches based on movement, breath and focus exercises.

This free workshop is open to all performers regardless of level or discipline (actors, musicians, public speakers, teachers…) - all are welcome to join.


Register for the Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAvceCrqj8tE9EmhvasNA8VoAuV2OOvy4PN 
or see https://xeniapestovabennett.com/perform