Sparky Conversations #6: Making Art in the face of the Climate Crisis with Lewis Jamieson (Music Declares Emergency)

1 September 2023 12:00

Sparky Conversations are monthly online community conversation events that bring composers, performers and contemporary music practitioners together to explore big topics, dive deep and spark ideas!

All are welcome to ask questions, share experiences and engage with a broad range of issues affecting the music community, and our world at large. 

The first Sparky Conversation of the Autumn/Winter season is led by Lewis Jamieson of Music Declares Emergency, who will discuss artists' role in cultural change in the face of crisis, and the tension between personal responsibility and collective action. 

Lewis Jamieson is the Communications Director of Music Declares Emergency and a founder member of the organisation. Lewis has worked in the music industry his entire adult life, as an A & R, PR, Artist manager, and label manager. He has represented some of the biggest names in rock/pop music including elbow, Editors, Madness, James, The Lightning Seeds, and Oasis alongside cult heroes Slowdive, The Polyphonic Spree and countless others. In 2019, Lewis was one of the founders of Music Declares Emergency alongside other leading industry professionals and recording artists. With a mission to utilise the power of music to engage fans with the conversation around the climate emergency and to encourage sustainable change within the music business, Music Declares Emergency has played a key part in raising awareness of issues, enabling real change across the music industry, and keeping the climate emergency on front pages and airwaves across the UK and beyond. 


This is a free, online event designed for composers, performers, and those with an interest in contemporary music on the island of Ireland. Register for the Zoom event here.

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