School of Wild Listening: Listening Group with Karen Power

16 October 2023 19:00

Unit 44 (Kirkos Ensemble)

For the next instalment of the School of Wild Listening CMC composer/sound artist Karen Power will present a listening group featuring a performance of sounds like the amazon...(2017) on an 8-channel surround sound system. The listening group will also include a short talk by Karen contextualising her work and allowing space for questions and discussion.

sounds like the amazon... (2017)

Every place has its own character and sense of time. This, for me, is most especially palpable in more isolated or unheard places like the Amazon Rainforest. This piece, which is based entirely on multichannel and full frequency field recordings made by the composer in the Amazon Rainforest in July 2016, explores the possibilities of hearing and approaching the natural structures and harmonies of our world as an integral part of our own existence. It highlights how, when we alter our listening, such places can connect us and perhaps offer us an alternative way of being in our world. In a musical sense, sounds like the amazon... aims to bring this largely natural space and it’s sense of time, harmony and structure, to bare on our constructed spaces, performers, audiences and the musical material itself. During a live performance the audience + composer are placed inside a multichannel speaker setup where the composer adds a ‘living’ element, in which acoustic elements of each unique performance space are considered as a new listening space of this now extracted and composed environment and therefore alter the way we hear everything within the space - both during and potentially after.

- Karen Power


Pay what you can tickets - attend for free if you like with donations encouraged and all proceeds going to the running costs of this and future School of Wild Listening events. Booking via Eventbrite.

Doors: 7pm Event begins: 7:15pm 


Unit 44 (Kirkos Ensemble)

44 Park Shopping Centre, Prussia St, D07 AE10

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