Ensemble LUX: NM perform 'bog songs' (2021) by Karen Power at Radialsystem V, Ultraschall Festival Berlin

22 January 2022 16:00

Ultraschall Festival

The LUX: NM contemporary music ensemble Berlin, founded in 2010, is one of the most successful young contemporary music ensembles. The six musicians of the regular cast see themselves as an undirected ensemble and as initiators of new music. After their debut at Ultraschall Berlin four years ago, they are now presenting a series of world premieres of works that have been specially tailored to this ensemble with its unusual cast - Ruth Velten, saxophone; Silke Lange, accordion; Florian Juncker, trumpet; Sebastian Berweck, piano; Zoé Carter, violoncello; Lukas Böhm, percussion; Rike Huy, trumpet, sound design by Martin Offik.

Ultraschall Berlin is an event by rbbKultur and Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Presented by Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.


Steingrímur Rohloff - Stress Test (2021) Premiere

Mirela Ivičević - New Work (2021) World premiere

Philipp Maintz - c'est une volupté de plus (2021) World premiere

Jesse Broekman - New Work (2021) World premiere - Composition commissioned by Ensemble LUX: NM, funded by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

Karen Powerbog songs (2021) - World premiere of the extended version


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Ultraschall Festival


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