ISCM World New Music Days Festival: “Tūtohu” Concert featuring a work by Ryan Molloy (Live Stream Available)

28 August 2022 08:00

Charles Luney Auditorium

Performers: Christchurch Youth Orchestra conducted by Helen Renaud. 

This concert is part of the 2022 ISCM World New Music Days Festival. The work by composer Ryan Molloy was selected by the festival organisers from a submission made by the Association of Irish Composers (AIC) - the current National Section of ISCM. With the generous support of Culture Ireland, Ryan Molloy will be present at this occasion and will also represent the AIC in-person at ISCM General Assembly meetings which take place during the festival.


Ryan Molloy (Ireland) - Ogham
Robin Toan (New Zealand) - Comic
Richard Tsang (Hong Kong) - Distant Lights
René Silva Ponce (Chile) - Surcos a la tierra
Claire Cowan (New Zealand) - Opito

Live Stream

A live stream will be broadcast via Youtube on Sunday 28 August at 8am Irish Time.


Charles Luney Auditorium

St Margarets College, 12 Winchester Street
New Zealand