KALEIDOSCOPE MUSART 2020 - Peeks into the Infinite II featuring a work by Jane O'Leary

24 October 2020 22:00

Live Stream

Peeks into the Infinite II

Performers: Maria Sumareva, piano.


Ludwig van Beethoven - Bagatelles Op. 126
Carl Vine - 5 Bagatelles
Franz Liszt - Bagatelle sans tonalité, S.216a
Elizabeth Lutyens - 5 Bagatelles for piano
Jane O’LearyBagatelles for piano (2013)
(one of the winners of KMA’s Call for Scores 2020)

The program will also feature digital artworks by Sebastian Spreng.

Tickets :       Registration is required for the event - which is at 5 pm Florida time/10 pm Irish time 


Live Stream

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