Developing an Audience presented by Rob Farhat

26 November 2020 16:00

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Rob Farhat - Developing an Audience 

The fourth in a series of CMC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events throughout November 2020 features Developing an Audience with Rob Farhat, Talent Development & Programme Manager at Serious in London.   

Creative practitioners are heavily dependent on others discovering, and listening to, their music.  CMC is providing this session to assist composers and other contemporary music specialists to disseminate their music at home and abroad, including coping with some additional dissemination challenges (among others) they may be facing due to Covid-19.  In the course of an overview of audience development and dissemination in general with CMC’s Linda O’Shea Farren, Rob Farhat will outline practical steps that composers and performers can take, and various avenues they can explore, to get their music heard by a wider audience.  

Those who sign up to participate are encouraged to email specific situations, challenges, questions, etc. in advance to  All questions are valid - questions may relate to specific problems or can be general in nature.  

Registration is free of charge to participants, and all interested are welcome to participate.  Register here

About the presenter:  

Rob(ert) Farhat is a former classical musician turned music programmer, manager and artist mentor.  He previously co-founded and directed Ensemble Music in Ireland, working with artists such as Loah, Ensemble Ériu, Rusangano Family and the late Conor Walsh.  He is now based in London and works for live music producers Serious as their Talent Development and Programme Manager - working primarily with emerging jazz and experimental musicians like Gaika, Gazelle Twin, Abel Selaocoe and Emma-Jean Thackray, and programming the EFG London Jazz Festival.  Rob was born and bred in Dublin, and is a proud Irishman of Iranian/Armenian heritage. 

This CPD event is the final session in a four-part series presented by the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland throughout November 2020 to meet needs raised by the contemporary music community in light of the changed circumstances resulting from Covid-19 restrictions:

1.   Logic Pro X Clinic at 4.00pm on Thursday, 5 November 2020 presented by composer and producer Conor O’Boyle

2.   Calm, Balance and Strength: Breathwork for Anxiety Management at 4.00pm on Thursday, 12 November 2020 presented by pianist and wellbeing coach Xenia Pestova Bennett

3.   Notation Clinic in Sibelius & Introduction to Dorico at 4.00pm on Thursday, 19 November 2020 presented by composer guitarist Anselm McDonnell and composer Lillie Harris

4.   Developing an Audience at 4.00pm on Thursday, 26 November 2020 presented by Rob Farhat, Talent Development & Programme Manager at Serious in London


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