CMC Salon - Ultan O'Brien

10 December 2020 18:00

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Photo credit: Killian O'Brien

Secret Life I: magico-duality by Ultan O'Brien is a cinematic opera that explores duality and healing.

Secret Life I: magico-duality is the first escapade of Tales from Hidden Worlds, an art-series pondering and probing autogenic training in cystic fibrosis. Narrator Tom Roseingrave descends down into his lungs, into a deep healing space where time is swirling all about - his dreams, memories, scars, stories he has lived all present at once. This is his rehabilitation.

Describing this cinematic opera as a sonic-phantasmagoria, composer Ultan O'Brien says:

'It’s ponderous but not heavy, thoughtful and colourful and a bit of craic. ’twas created using sounds and footage recorded and found during the first Covid-19 lockdown period in Ireland. It features loads of interesting voices from various folk, fiddle, viola, electronics and some mad footage. Wild dances. Wild wine. Deep sea diving. Driving. Walking, walking, walking in circles. And so forth.

This cinematic opera explores duality and healing - life’s routines morphing into rituals in the healing space. Breath is the most intimate relationship in our lives. Follow your breath down into your lungs, have a lookabout, a walkabout.'

Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland

//A Bed Tea Company Creation//

Contributors: Antoni O’Breskey; Killian O’Brien; Teresa Menescal; Caterina Ferrarese; Aongus Mac Amhlaigh; Alice Gallanagh; Sadhbh O’Brien; Heather Morgan

Sound engineer: Cian Hamilton




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