Crescent Festival of Irish Contemporary Music featuring works by Irish Composers

9 November 2019 20:00

Greenacres Gallery

Degani Piano Trio, clarinettist Paul Roe and vocal ensemble Ardú explore 20th and 21st Century works by Irish composers.


Degani Piano Trio

..spaces in your togetherness.. for piano trio. Vincent Kennedy

Three Listoke Preludes for solo piano. Michael Holohan
1) The Giant Redwood
2) Fields of Blue and White
3) The Cherry Tree

Nocturne for 'cello, violin and piano (1993). Marian Ingoldsby

Ghost Machine for violin and piano. John McLachlan

Maids of Mitchelstown Fancy Piano Trio no.2 (1996)  Philip Martin.

Ardú Vocal Ensemble:

You Remember Ellen // Frederick May (1911-1985)

Tryptich // Marian Ingoldsby (b.1965)

The Wild Song // Michael McGlynn (b.1964)

Suantraí ár Slánaitheora // Fiontan Ó Cearbhaill 1922-1981

Psalm 61 // Marian Ingoldsby (b.1965)

Paul Roe (Clarinet)

a piacere for Solo Bass Clarinet by Jane O’Leary

Joey for Solo Clarinet/Bass Clarinet by Marian Ingoldsby

Rattle for Solo Bass Clarinet by Amanda Feery





Greenacres Gallery


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