RIAM Percussion Ensemble perform Evangelia Rigaki work

17 April 2018 19:00


Evangelia Rigaki: While the World Misbehaves (the Baby Will Hide in the Beehive)
Harrison Birtwistle: For O, for O, the Hobby-horse is forgot - Ceremony for six percussionists
Led by Richard O’Donnell and comprising some of Ireland’s finest young percussionists, the Royal Irish Academy of Music Percussion Ensemble is one of the leading exponents of music for this exhilarating medium in Ireland.
In 2018, this dynamic ensemble celebrates its 20th Anniversary with performances in New York and Dublin. Harrison Birtwistle’s imaginative tour de force For O, for O, the Hobby-horse is forgot - Ceremony for six percussionists is performed alongside a new work by composer Evangelia Rigaki and poet W.N. Herbert, While the World Misbehaves (the Baby Will Hide in the Beehive). Combining percussion, rhythmic chanting, and reconceiving traditional Greek dance, While the World Misbehaves is a modern spell of protection against a clear and present danger. A truly rousing birthday celebration during Dublin's MusicTown.
Presented in collaboration with Music Department, Trinity College Dublin, School of Creative Arts and ATRL (Arts Technology Research Lab) and MusicTown.
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