The Contemporary Music Centre Online Promotion Guidelines

As part of CMC's services, we provide support and guidance on the promotion and development of new music events and projects and also promote events and concerts external to CMC via our website listings and features, monthly newletter and various social media platforms.

In order to promote and advertise external new music events and concerts, our promotion and development department have created some guidelines, outlining the promotional online support we provide and the information that needs to be supplied in advance to our promotion and development department to avail of this service.

Online Promotion with the Contemporary Music Centre 2016

Our Aim: to document, develop and promote the new music of Ireland

What does CMC promote?

  • Contemporary music events which include music by any of the 200+ registered CMC composers

  • Calls/opportunities for composers/performers of new music in Ireland

  • CMC’s own events e.g. Salon Series; Summer Residency

Social Media

Primary CMC contact for all social media promotion: Stephanie Ford, Communications Coordinator (


  • Current audience of 3,893 likes on official CMC Facebook page

  • Contemporary Music Ireland Facebook group, administered by CMC, currently has over

  • 300 active members

Frequency of posts:

  • 1 FB post for small event + post in Contemporary Music Ireland FB group

  • 2 FB posts for large event + post in Contemporary Music Ireland FB group

  • 2 posts for opportunity - 1 initial call, 1 reminder + post in Contemporary Music Ireland FB group


  • Current audience of 3,434 followers

  • Twitter Lists for “CMC Composers” and designated hashtag for contemporary music in Ireland “#NewMusicIreland”, monitored on a weekly basis

Frequency of posts:

  • 1 - 4 retweets for small event in week preceding event and 1 tweet reminder on event day or day before the event

  • 2 - 3 tweets for large event in the week preceding event and 1 tweet reminder on event day or before the event + retweets (remember to reference CMC Twitter account in posts) 

  • 5 - 10 tweets for opportunity spread across a number of weeks depending on lead time/ deadline, 2 tweet reminders day before deadline and day of deadline + retweets


CMC have recently set up an instagram account (@CMCIreland) and are currently building an audience on this platform, with a focus on the promotion of CMC’s products and

resources (musical scores, CDs, books and CMC choral catalogues).
Note: If you are a registered CMC composer and wish to promote new scores, CDs, books, audio or other products and merchandise via CMC’s website and social media, please contact for further information.

Contemporary Music Centre Website (

Primary CMC contact for website promotion, features and content: Jonathan Grimes, Head of Information (

  • Event Listings (email lisitngs to CMC's librarian, Susan Brodigan:

  • Features (video, audio etc.)

  • News

  • Opportunities

  • Shop

  • Composer biographies, music & information (email

Please submit your opportunities to Please contact if you are interested in enquiring about a feature or if you have

content for a news item.
CMC retains the right to editorial on all content on the website.

Contemporary Music Centre Email Newsletter

CMC publishes two email newsletters:

  • Monthly industry newsletter for composers (currently 190 subscribers) which includes opportunities and other items of professional interest. 

  • A monthly CMC Newsletter with updates on CMC’s projects and events, (currently 2,000 subscribers) as well as special features and other notable events and news in new music in Ireland and abroad

To subscribe to either of these e-mail lists, visit:

The Contemporary Music Centre retains the right to editorial of the CMC Newsletter.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please submit information on your event/release/opportunity as soon as possible. CMC needs three weeks lead time for promotion of any kind, (newsletter, website listing, social media, feature etc.)

  2. Events and opportunities must be listed on the Contemporary Music Centre website before they can be shared through the CMC Facebook, Twitter etc. Please send your content to be listed to

  3. All listings must be submitted with a high quality photograph in landscape (780x480px or higher)

  4. All content created by the Contemporary Music Centre with the purpose of promotion must be correctly credited online.

  5. All events or opportunities financially supported by the Contemporary Music Centre must correctly credit the Contemporary Music Centre online.

Please note: CMC’s promotion of external contemporary music events on social media, our website and via our newsletter as outlined in this document is subject to satisfactory lead in time and is dependant on the quality and variety of content provided to CMC by the external organisation. The frequency of social media posts is subject to advance notice of an event or opportunity being provided to CMC, in addition to an adequate amount of usable content in relation to the event or opportunity being supplied by external organisation.

Read the full text document here or check out the slideshow below.