CMC Catalogue: Christmas Repertoire

Produced in 2015, this catalogue is curated by Dr Desmond Earley, University College Dublin Choral Scholars and presents a selection of Christmas works by Irish composers drawn from CMC's extensive collection of choral works.

All of the works listed are supplied by CMC and can be ordered direct or for purchase online by licensed download, except where other publisher details are outlined.

Desmond Earley on curating the catalogue:

Since the age of plainsong, the liturgical seasons of Advent and Christmas have enjoyed a disproportionate level of creative attention from composers compared to the many other ordinary (and extra-ordinary) dates of the Christian liturgical calendar. From the simple but powerful settings of plainsong by Saint Ambrose of Milan in the early Christian Church, through the age of the Renaissance motets, beyond the polychoral works of Gabrieli and Schütz, to the cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach and so on to composers of our age, Advent and Christmas texts continue to inspire composers to this day.

Each December, choral directors seek to programme new and engaging festive music to entertain audiences or to stimulate congregations. This catalogue is intended to support the choral director in programming new seasonal music by composers born or based in Ireland, perhaps even to encourage conductors to consider their first foray into the world of new music.

This catalogue includes an array of pieces from unison to eight parts, ranging in level from the accessible to the challenging. 

Download the catalogue here