amplify #28 - Ed Bennett and Karen Power

Episode 28 of CMC’s podcast features conversations with composers about two recent album releases. Ed Bennett’s ‘Psychedelia’ on NMC Recordings, and Karen Power’s ‘Human Nature’. Presented by Jonathan Grimes and Evonne Ferguson.

Show Notes

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Karen Power

All tracks from Human Nature
- loved bees (Anne-Marie O’Farrell)
- underwater frogs of Angkor Wat (Thomas Buckner)
- train to Machu Picchu (Johnny Chang)
- Amazonian frogs (Seth Josel)
- if trees had bellies (Jane Rigler)
- seals off the Namibian shipwreck coast (Ute Wassermann)
- monkeys + ‘waterbird’ of the Amazon (Loré Lixenberg)
- bats of Namibia (John Godfrey)
- beneath the living sand dunes @ Gobabeb (Rishin Singh)
- sirens of New York (Samuel Stoll)

Ed Bennett

All tracks from Psychedelia
- Organ Grinder (Orkest de Ereprijs)
- Freefalling (RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra)
- Song of the Books: III (Kate Ellis, Decibel)
- Psychedelia (RTE National Symphony Orchestra)
- Song of the Books: II (Kate Ellis, Decibel)
- Magnetic (Jack McNeill, Eliza McCarthy)

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