YouthSing Ireland - Choral/group singing Commissions - Call for proposals

Deadline: 13 December 2019 17:30

A partnership between Sing Ireland and the Contemporary Music Centre.

The YouthSing Ireland project welcomes proposals for original choral/group singing compositions and/or choral/group singing arrangements for use by Children and Young adult voices.

The YouthSing Ireland project, funded by the Creative Ireland Programme and led by Sing Ireland in association with the Contemporary Music Centre wishes to commission a number of original choral/group singing compositions and/or choral/group singing arrangements. This series of original choral/group singing compositions and/or choral/group singing arrangements will include settings of text in the Irish language (as Gaeilge) and/or texts and/or melodies which reflect Irish cultural heritage. The resulting series of original compositions and/or arrangements will be used by young people in the formal setting (in schools) and the informal setting (outside of school). It is intended that the resulting music will be then used on a wider scale in schools and communities throughout Ireland.

● The commission is open to an artist working in a broad musical context and with young people’s voices in mind.
● The resulting work(s) are designed for use in schools (initially at primary level) throughout Ireland and should be accompanied by learning resources.
● Regular contact and consultation with Sing Ireland and the Contemporary Music Centre will be required to ensure that the resulting work(s) will respond to the need for age appropriate repertoire across a gradient level of difficulty.
● The work(s) must reflect Irish Cultural Heritage, with a particular emphasis on the Irish language. This may include texts or melodies that have an Irish traditional or cultural significance.
● A central objective of this commission is the potential for the choral work(s) to have a lasting outcome in schools throughout Ireland.
● The text for use in these commissions will be selected in consultation with the YouthSing Ireland Project.
● The completed commissioned work (s) must be submitted to the YouthSing Ireland Project by 1st March, 2020.
● It is envisaged that each work in this series of original choral/group singing compositions and/or choral/group singing arrangements will be between 3 - 5 minutes duration at gradient levels of difficulty

The selection process for the commissioned works will be made by a panel, based on the proposal supplied by the applicant. Candidates may be invited to discuss their proposal in person with the selection panel but may also be selected based on their proposal.

● An outline of the proposed musical ideas for this original choral/group singing composition(s) and/or choral/group singing arrangement(s) (500 words)
● Applicants may submit a proposal for an individual work and/or a proposal for a number of different works (e.g. a suite of original choral/group singing compositions and/or a suite of choral/group singing arrangements)
● An outline of the proposed complementary learning resources for the work(s)  (500 words)
● A detailed breakdown of the proposed fee (e.g. the proposed commission fee plus the proposed fee for the creation of complementary learning resources) - please refer to CMC’s Commission guidelines:
● An up-to-date C.V; please outline relevant experience composing for the young voices. Including information relating to any choral or group singing experience and/or compositions for choirs or singing groups would be an advantage.
● Selection of examples of recent work - a maximum of 3 audio files/links and 3 score excerpts (PDFs only; Sibelius/Finale files will be discounted)
● A list of previous commissions with two supporting references
● Applicants are invited to submit proposed texts or subject matter with their application

FURTHER INFORMATION: Applicants may contact:  

For further details on application and submission details please see the attached pdfPDF iconyouthsing_ireland_commision_project_-_call_for_proposals_.pdf