UPBEAT 2018 summer composition course in Croatia

Deadline: 23 February 2018 17:00
The Upbeat 15th annual composition course will be held next summer as part of the UPBEAT International Summer Music School in the town of Milna on the beautiful Adriatic island of Brac in Croatia. The dates of the course are 19 through 30 July, 2018. The deadline for receipt of all materials is Friday, 23 February, 2018.
The composition course is designed for composer-performers and consists of:
 (1) a series of daily group meetings with Professor Joel Hoffman
(2) cultural and outdoor group activities in Milna and nearby on the island of Brac
(3) a final concert of works by course participants. The course will focus on works written for the Milna Ensemble, which consists of the composer-performers who are the members of the course.

The daily group meetings consist of the following:

(1)Composition Practicum: Writing for the Milna Ensemble

This is the main part of the course, in which students will have composed complete pieces in advance of the course for either the entire ensemble or some part of it. The pieces will be rehearsed and evaluated in depth in a group setting by Professor Hoffman as well as by other professors in residence in terms of compositional craft and idiomatic writing for the ensemble. There will be ample time for revision and refinement of the compositions, which will then be performed by the ensemble in the final concerts on 29 and 30 July in Milna.

(2) Improvisation Workshop

A number of principles of improvisation will be introduced and demonstrated, along with daily group exercises and structured improvisation events. This part of the composition course is also open to other music students taking part in the “UPBEAT” International Summer Music School.

(3) Presentations of work and discussions

Participants will give presentations of their music and in addition, there will be a number of organized discussions around topics of vital interest to composers and composer-performers. 
The presence of several other UPBEAT courses taking place concurrently with the composition course will give participants the opportunity to meet many talented young musicians from around the world. Many of these musicians will be performing in their own courses’s final concerts which take place every few days throughout the summer.

What to submit?

Interested composers must send the following materials to Professor Hoffman by Friday, 23 February, 2018:

(1) a resume
In the resume, please make sure the following information is included: – composition experience, including works composed with year of composition – list of performances of your works – universities/conservatories attended with dates of degrees earned as composer – names of composition teachers – performance level on your instrument (e.g. beginning, intermediate, advanced) – list of repertoire performed on your instrument – list of performances and any awards/competitions won – names of instrumental/vocal teachers – universities/conservatories/music schools attended with dates of degrees earned as instrumentalist/vocalist (if applicable)

(2) date of birth, citizenship, mailing address, email address and phone number

(3) a score of one original work for a small ensemble scored for 2-15 separate parts
. A live or MIDI recording of this ensemble piece is strongly encouraged but not required.

(4) a recording of two contrasting pieces in which you perform
The pieces may be either solos or ensemble pieces but in the case of the latter, it should be easy to individuate your playing from among the others in the ensemble (i.e. If you are a violinist, please do not submit a work for three violins!).
Please make sure you include information as to the work performed, duration of pieces and when/where the recording was made. Recordings may be either audio or video.