Sao Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival - Orchestra Composition

Deadline: 1 July 2020 17:00


The Unicamp Symphony Orchestra (and the Brazilian National Orchestra) will premiere orchestral works by accepted SPCCF composers. Maestro Cinthia Alireti leads the orchestra and the concert will be conducted by visiting guest conductor Christian Schulz.

Orchestral submissions should be no longer than seven minutes. Each composer will attend at least one rehearsal of their works prior to their premiere; the orchestra will begin rehearsals one week before the beginning of the festival. Composers may submit works in progress, whether handwritten or partially notated on software.

Available Instrumentation:

2 flutes (piccolo)

2 oboes

2 clarinets

2 bassoons

2 horns

2 trumpets

2 tenor trombones

1 tuba​

2 percussionists

(only 1 keyboard player)



* percussion instruments:

bass drum 
cymbals - 16'', 18'', 1 pair
vibraphone (F2 to F5) 
glockenspiel (F2 to F5)
marimba (Musser Kelon - C2 to C6) 
xylophone (C2 to C6)
bells (C2 to G3) 

Further details and application please see more info