Royal Irish Academy of Music - Invitation to submit compositions

The Royal Irish Academy of Music piano albums (Elementary–Grade V) are published annually. We are dedicated to including compositions from contemporary composers or from teachers who like to compose for students. If you are interested in submitting your compositions for consideration for inclusion in the piano albums, read the selection process and guidelines attached.

Selecting pieces The selection process incorporates several factors at every level to ensure that the student and teacher have a choice when it comes to tempo, style, character and mood, technical challenges, rhythmical intricacies, articulation, and keys. Although this list is by no means exhaustive, it demonstrates the extent to which the selection process is entwined with the systematic development of the technical and musical component of the student. The desired outcome then is that skills are acquired through pieces rather than the piece being the end goal. Nevertheless, it is equally important for the student to play a piece that he/she enjoys; what might attract different levels and age groups is also taken into consideration.

How to submit - Submissions may be prepared in Finale or Sibelius. Applicants may submit their work(s) in hard copy to the Senior Examiner of Publications (Dr Majella Boland) Local Centre Exams, RIAM, 36–38 Westland Row, Dublin 2, or by email to (all attachments should be in PDF format only) - Each submission must be clearly marked with the composer’s name, contact details and intended piano grade - Applicants may submit more than one composition for any grade, and for as many grades as desired - If selected, your work will be printed in the RIAM piano albums and the copyright will remain the property of the RIAM for that publication but will revert to the composer thereafter. -

Successful submissions will receive the following remuneration, payable on completion of score for printing Elementary, Preliminary, Primary €100 Grade I, Grade II €200 Grade III, Grade IV €300 Grade V €400

More info :  compositionguildlines.pdf