Musiques & Recherches - Academy of electroacoustic composition

Deadline: 2 June 2019 17:00

August 22nd - September 1st

Musiques & Recherches is delighted to present its first Academy of electroacoustic composition to be held in Ohain (Belgium) for 11 days.

It will consist of three options:
- acousmatic composition
- multiphonic composition
- mixed music composition for piano

The participants choose one option and have individual lessons to help them creating a short personal composition. They also attend workshops and masterclasses daily as well as two mornings of spatialisation theory and two afternoons of sound recordings by bike in Brussels. Two final concerts planned for the August 31th and 1st September will present the works composed by the participants (piano: Ana Claudia Assis) as well as other acousmatic pieces.

The Academy will take place in Ohain, in the rural countryside of Brussels. The price includes camping, breakfast and lunch. The number of participants is limited to 12 participants for the 3 options. Main working language: English (and French, German, Portuguese or Spanish depending on the teacher)

The teachers of individual lessons are :
- acousmatic composition : Annette Vande Gorne et João Pedro Oliveira
- multiphonic composition : Annette Vande Gorne et João Pedro Oliveira
- mixed music composition for piano : Hans Tutschku et Jaime Reis

Master classes and workshop are given Annette Vande Gorne (acousmatic, spatialization), João Pedro Oliveira, Jaime Reis, Hans Tutschku as well as other invited guests: Elizabeth Anderson (semiology), Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans (sound for movies), Ana Claudia Assis (piano contemporary techniques), Jean-Baptiste Zellal (analogue techniques), Florian Pascal (fieldrecording) ***