International Stanisław Moniuszko Composers’ Competition for a Micro-Opera – “12 Minutes for Moniuszko”

Deadline: 31 July 2019 17:00

Moniuszko’s stage works take up many issues concerning the society and everyday life, as well as referring to contemporary events important for Poles. They combine drama with comic elements. They offer high-quality entertainment without compromising the aesthetic qualities. They wonderfully reflect the emotional states of the dramatic figures and the specific mood of each situation. They make excellent use of character interactions and of dramatic motives typical of the theatre, aptly represented by Moniuszko in music – through melody, instrumentation, and other musical components. The competition aims to achieve the same aims in our own times, using the adequate contemporary artistic tools. We want to revive, in present-day conditions, the specific idea of Moniuszko’s operas as musical dramas based on social topics.

General Provisions

1. The subject of the competition is a chamber opera, referred to hereinafter as the “Work”.
2. The competition may be entered by music composers of all nationalities and without an age limit.
3. Only original Works, never published or staged before, which have not received any prizes or distinctions in other competitions, may be submitted for the Competition.
4. The Work (music and libretto) must be submitted for the Competition by the music composer, referred to hereinafter as the “Participant”. The author of the libretto may not submit the Work for the Competition.
5. Entering the Competition is free of charge. One Participant may only submit one Work.
6. Jury members may not enter the Competition.
7. Should the text of the libretto be protected by copyright, on entering the Competition the Participant must possess the copyright holder’s permission to use the text for the needs of the Competition.
8. If the author of the libretto is alive, on entering the Competition the Participant must possess the author’s permission:
a) to include the libretto author’s personal data in the Competition entry;
b) to process and publicly announce the libretto author’s personal data in accordance with the Competition Regulations.
9. Entering the Competition is tantamount to the Participant declaring that the music composition is entirely his or her original work free of any legal flaws and not encumbered with any third party rights or claims.
10. The Participant hereby accepts full responsibility and frees the Organisers from any liability in case a person other than the Participant or the libretto author should present claims to the submitted Work, or if the content of the submitted Work is in conflict with the law or infringes other third party rights.
11. Works infringing third party rights or the mandatory provisions of law may be excluded by the Organisers from the Competition.
12. The Competition consists of two stages:
a) in Stage One, maximum six Works will be selected to be staged in the Emil Młynarski Chamber Music Hall of Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera in Warsaw;
b) in Stage Two, the Works selected for production will be publicly performed during one Night of World Premieres, after which the winners of the Competition will be chosen.
13. Participation in Stage One is anonymous, which means that neither the Participants nor the libretto authors are allowed to reveal in public, including to jury members, their personal data as related to the submitted Work, until the Stage One results have been announced.

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