International Competition for Original Band Composition - Corciano in Banda

Deadline: 31 May 2019 16:00

1) The International Competition for Original Band Composition is promoted and organized by the Corciano Pro Loco (Local Tourist Board) and the Comune of Corciano, with the support of the BCC Umbria Credito Cooperativo
and DIBA (Association of Italian Directors’ Band). The competition was established to contribute to the promotion of Wind Orchestras and their unique timbral, coloristic and expressive qualities, with the intention to help
establishing a repertory that is attentive to the trends in the contemporary musical arts.
2) The Competition is open to compositions freely based on any musical form and theme, with or without instrumental or vocal soloists; choirs and instruments not normally used in bands, including electronic instruments, may be
included in the score as well. Scores written for festivals, open-air situations, and parades will also be admitted, and they may also include the participation of dancers or other non-musical elements.
3) The composition chosen by the Jury will be awarded a prize of 4,000.00 Euros. The Jury reserves the right to award a Second Prize of 1,000.00 euros and to award an Honorable Mention to other noteworthy compositions.
4) The compositions must be entered in the form of a complete score. Composers may also enclose a performance by means of computer on a CD or cassette tape, as well as an arrangement for piano.
5) Compositions entered will not be returned, and will be kept in the Competition Archives.
6) Any publication and/or performance of the works in the Competition Archives will be treated in conformity with the current copyright and royalty laws.
7) The compositions must be submitted anonymously and without any abbreviations, initials or other recognizable marks, but indicated by a Motto together with a sealed envelope bearing the Motto on the outside and containing
inside the title of the composition, the composer’s name, address and telephone/fax and e-mail address (if any), along with a copy of the receipt of payment of the entry fee. The envelope must also include a statement signed
at the bottom by the contestant, in which he/she declares:
• to know the competition rules and to accept them in their entirety;
• to be the sole author of the score;
• that the score being entered is unpublished and has never been performed;
• that the score being entered has not received prizes or awards in other competitions;
• that the composer accepts the incontestable judgment of the Jury.
8) The scores will be judged by an international jury, whose decisions shall be final. The jury reserves the right not to award prizes if it is decided to be in the best interests of the competition.
9) Compositions to be entered in the competition must arrive no later than 2019, 31 may, and must be sent to: Secretariat of the 31th International Competition for Band Compositions c/o Comune Corciano, Corso Cardinale Rotelli,
06073 Corciano (Perugia) - Italy.
10) Contestants must pay a participation fee of 50.00 Euros for each composition entered.
Payment should be made to the Bank BCC Umbria Credito Cooperativo, Mantignana branch, BIC/SWIFT code: ICRAITRRTV0 – IBAN: IT 83 B 07075 38400 000000607441, headed to Associazione Turistica Pro Loco Corcianese.
11) Participation in the Competition implies the unconditional acceptance of this announcement, as well as the consent for the use of the contestant’s
personal data. In the event of disputes, the text in Italian shall be considered the official version.