GMR Guest Residency Opportunity

Deadline: 31 May 2022 17:00

Galway Music Residency is seeking applications for a mini-residency as part of its 2022 programme. This residency programme will see the chosen artist collaborating with ConTempo Quartet, with all five musicians on an equal footing, resulting in a number of public performances. The resident artist will also have an important curatorial role. The project will focus on artist development and interesting musical connections. This is a pilot scheme. It is hoped it will be expanded in the coming years becoming a permanent initiative on our annual programme with national and international elements.

About Galway Music Residency

Everyone should have the right to listen to, learn about and love music. This simple belief is the driving force behind everything that Galway Music Residency aims to achieve. It exists to serve the people of Galway city and county, providing opportunities for all to experience music in new and unexpected ways, to learn from inspiring musicians and spark joy in their lives. At the core of our work has been the goal of breaking down the barrier that traditionally separates the audience, the general public, from classical music and musicians. We present music in interactive ways, in unexpected venues, giving people of all walks of life meaningful experiences of music and encouraging the next generation of music lovers. For more information about our organisation, please visit.

About Contempo Quartet

Formed in 1995 in Bucharest, ConTempo Quartet is recognised as one of the most exciting and vibrant chamber ensembles performing today. The quartet was chosen as Galway Music Residency’s Ensemble in Residence in 2003 and continues to captivate audiences throughout the city and county with its repertoire of classical, contemporary, folk and traditional music.

This unique partnership over such a long period, has enabled the GMR with ConTempo Quartet to develop long-lasting relationships with individuals, communities, artists and organisations, and to create profound connections throughout the city and county. Focused on performance and education programmes, over the past 19 years GMR with ConTempo Quartet has developed countless opportunities for the people of Galway to engage with music in a meaningful way regardless of their age or circumstance.

2022 Mini Performance and Curation Residency Opportunity

What’s involved?

The mini-residency will take place between mid-October and mid-December 2022.  It will focus on collaboration with ConTempo Quartet and curation resulting in a number of public performances:

A minimum of six rehearsal sessions with ConTempo Quartet.

Two concerts as part of our popular monthly lunchtime concert series in St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church featuring music for quintet with ConTempo Quartet (1 November & 6 December). 

A repeat of both concerts in rural centres in County Galway (20 November & 11 December). 

Curation of our multi-genre 3 Kinds of Music series (19 November & 10 December). The resident artist will also feature as a performer as part of the series with artists of their choice. Please find out more about this series on our website and YouTube channel. 

There is also an option for the resident artist to devise two educational or community workshops as part of the project. This is welcome but not obligatory.

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from established musicians from any genre. We will also consider applications from composer/performers wishing to compose for the project. We encourage applications from musicians from minority backgrounds. 

Applicants must:

Be from or based in Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Be over 18.

Be available in Galway to rehearse and perform during autumn 2022.

There must be available repertoire for string quartet and applicant’s instrument OR the applicant must have the skills and resources to arrange or compose repertoire for the unique combination of string quartet and applicant’s instrument (all copyright/licensing requirements must be met by the applicant).

Have experience working collaboratively with other musicians. 

Have a broad knowledge of multiple genres of music.

Experience in education settings would be an advantage.


Regrettably, on this occasion we cannot accept applications involving piano due to lack of access to high-quality pianos in featured venues.

The featured events are presented in live acoustic settings. This is no provision for sound equipment or sound engineers.

What your application must include

A 2-page (maximum) CV outlining your professional experience as a musician and, if applicable, curator/programmer/composer

A 1-page proposal outlining what you can bring to this opportunity that is unique, addressing both the performance and curation elements of this residency.

Three suggestions of repertoire you would be interested in exploring with ConTempo Quartet

A proposal for two educational or community workshops to be presented by the resident artist as part of the project (optional)

The fine print

The mini-residency will take place between mid-October and mid-December 2022.

The residency fee will be €3,500 including rehearsal, performance, curation and workshops (if applicable).

There will be a limited budget for travel/accommodation expenses if applicable.

Application details

Applications should be sent to by Tuesday 31 May. 

Successful applicants will be contacted by the end of June

Questions regarding the residency opportunities can be sent to up until Monday 30 May.