Fight for the Right: A Commissioning Competition

Deadline: Mon 01 Jan 2018 - 17:00

Fight for the Right: A Commissioning Competition

Malala Yousafzai. Michelle Obama. Ruby Bridges. These women, among many others, have changed the narrative of women’s education. What will be your story?

Pittsburgh Festival Opera is excited to announce our latest new music project: Fight for the Right, a Global Commissioning Competition.  Pittsburgh Festival Opera is seeking submissions from composers and librettists for our next mainstage world premiere music drama. Win cash prizes and have your work featured on the opera stage in Pittsburgh! All-female teams are especially encouraged to apply.

We want to amplify girls’ and women’s voices, offer them a platform to imagine, speak, sing, and write about what they can change, what they can achieve, and how they can better their lives through access to education. Help change the world through music and drama.

Applicants will submit work samples and a proposal for a new music drama dealing with women’s journeys towards education. Four semifinalists will be selected and awarded cash prizes. These groups will work to complete a libretto and an orchestrated scene to be workshopped in Pittsburgh this coming summer. From that process, one project will be awarded a commissioning fee for a mainstage world premiere in our 2019 summer season.


Semifinalist teams receive:
$1,000 total for the composer(s), $500 total for the librettist(s), a travel stipend and free housing in Pittsburgh for the workshop period (June/July 2018). Semifinalists will be featured in a crowdfunding campaign in spring 2018 and will receive a percentage of the funds raised.

Finalist teams receive:
An additional $4,000 for composer, an additional $2,000 for the librettist, a full production in the 2019 season, a travel stipend, and free housing in Pittsburgh for the production period (June/July 2019)

Composers and librettists are invited to apply regardless of age, race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability status.