Entries are invited for the Ivan Juritz Prize for Creative Experiment 2021!

Deadline: 26 March 2021 17:00

Postgraduate students throughout Europe are invited to submit texts, films, musical compositions, virtual documentation of artwork, excerpts of moving image work and proposals for installation and performance. Winners in three categories (Text, Sound, Visual Arts) will be awarded £1,000 each. We will also seek their involvement in future artistic collaborations with Cove Park. All shortlisted works will be showcased at the digital prize-giving and written up in the journal Textual Practice.

Entrants are encouraged to play with form to make us think, feel and question. The winners will be both of their time and aware of debts to the past. Ezra Pound, calling on the modern artist to ‘make it new’, was, after all, creatively translating the ancient Chinese King Cheng Tang.

All entries must be accompanied by a 150-word artist’s statement, in which you should analyse the role of experiment in your work and, if appropriate, relate your work, whether sympathetically or antagonistically, to the creative experimentation of the modernist era.

Who is eligible to enter for the Ivan Juritz Prize?

Entrants must be postgraduate students currently enrolled on a course or programme of study in a European country.

We welcome applications both from those enrolled in traditional academic postgraduate degrees or creative postgraduate courses.

Undergraduates are not eligible to enter.

Those who have already completed their postgraduate courses are not eligible to enter.

Can I submit a collaborative entry?

Yes, you can submit a collaborative entry. However, all members of the collaboration must be currently enrolled postgraduate students.

Please note, the prize money awarded is per winning entry, not per entrant, so if you win the prize with a collaborative work, the prize money would be split between all members of the collaboration.

Can I submit my work in multiple categories?

Yes. If, for example, you want to submit a performance that combines sound and visual arts, or a text that includes images, you can put the same entry forward for consideration in multiple categories.

Can I submit multiple entries?

Entrants are limited to one entry, per prize category, per year.

This means you can submit two or three entries, but only if they are in different categories (Text, Sound, Visual Arts). You cannot apply for the same prize category twice.

Can I submit work that has already been published?

The prize is intended for artists who have yet to establish themselves, but work that has already been published or performed can be submitted.

For further details please see more info