Dublin City Arts Office - Tyrone Guthrie Residency

Deadline: Mon 24 Apr 2017 - 17:00

Tyrone Guthrie Residency

Over 27 local authorities in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are offering special bursary awards to artists born or domiciled in their areas to enable them to spend two weeks at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig, the artists’ workplace in County Monaghan. Each bursary covers all board and lodging expenses for a two-week period, plus the use of a studio if necessary. Each individual local authority administers the bursaries.

The Tyrone Guthrie Regional Bursary Scheme has the following objectives:

·       To work closely with local authorities and their arts officers to discover emerging and established artists throughout the island of Ireland who might benefit from working at Annaghmakerrig.

·       Through the artistic projects they realise to make their work apparent to the local communities from which they come, through exhibitions, performances, readings and other manifestations.

·       Through this process to allow the Tyrone Guthrie Centre to establish partnerships with local authorities the length and breadth of the island of Ireland in keeping with its origins and aims as a major cross-border collaboration between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


Notes For Applicants

The bursaries are open to practitioners in all artforms, born or domiciled within the relevant local authority area. There is no age limit.

Applicants should show significant achievement in their chosen field. This would normally mean that writers should already have published in book form, painters and sculptors should have had one-person shows in reputable galleries and that composers and musicians should have had their work commissioned, recorded or performed, or whatever might be appropriate to the particular artform. Otherwise the applicant must demonstrate a high degree of promise attested by references or other forms of support from established figures in the arts.

Each application must be accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae and a reasonable sample of the artist’s work: 10 recent still images from visual artists, a book or 20 pages of published work from writers, a recording or score from musicians, and any other supporting material which might be relevant.

Applicants should state clearly what they wish to accomplish during their stay at Annaghmakerrig. This project outline is often decisive and should demonstrate that the artist is working towards an exhibition, publication or performances, which will be helped by a stay at the Centre.

Each local authority makes its own preliminary selections from the applications it receives, often calling in expert advice to do so. Each local authority will determine the closing date for receipt of applications.

Annaghmakerrig is administered by a Board appointed by the two Arts Councils in Ireland


*Please return completed application forms with any additional information to the Arts Office, Dublin City Council, The LAB, Foley Street, Dublin 1. Closing date for receipt of applications is 5pm Monday 24th April 2017.

Application form attached :  tyrone_guthrie_application_form_2017_1.pdf