Composer Boost 2019 - Wazo

Deadline: 18 July 2019 17:00

Wazo organizes Composer Boost 2019

Wazo is a creative industry organization using innovative art-based practices to address societal challenges. Wazo organizes Composer Boost 2019, to help new music and contemporary music composers to declutter their mind and free up mental space to boost their creativity.

Composer Boost is an International Vocational Training and Think Space for 7 Composers of New Music and Contemporary Music in Extremadura, south west Spain, from 22nd of July to 26th of July 2019.

This program is a mix of Apprenticeship and Artist Residency that creates a supporting international environment to boost professional composers’ creativity and provide practical skills to improve their professional profile.

What does the program offer?

a) Creative Visits:

Composer Boost conducts a variety of outdoor activities in order to provide inspirational experiences related to nature and heritage in contexts where silence and quietness are dominant.

b) Training

Workshops and Group Sessions in English, Spanish and Italian about Branding and Digital Marketing for New Music & Contemporary Music Composers.

c) Composition Studio Space

Composers will create their music in the collaborative creative space Wazo Co-Space.

d) Composer Media Kit

A digital package to provide essential information about composers to their audience, performers, conductors, managers, etc Useful for cuccessful application processes for Composer Residences, Call for scores, etc.


Composer Boost can host 7 international composers of new music and contemporary music. There is no exam or entrance audition. Please see more info for submission and application details.