Call for works by Venice Conservatoire & V.E.R-V.

Deadline: 10 January 2021 17:00

V.E.R-V., a non-profit organization founded by graduates of the Venice Conservatoire of Music “B. Marcello”.

V.E.R-V. was born from the need to create a Venetian platform capable of exploring new models of musical research, experimentation, and production with a particular interest in the electroacoustic field. In recent years, our actions have given birth to numerous projects, conceived and developed together with institutions, local organizations and museums, record labels, students and professional composers. One of our most established paths is the annual organization of international calls for works, developed traditionally with the Electronic Music School of the Venice Conservatoire.

During this global emergency we wanted to give a loud sign of artistic regeneration on the island, to imagine a musical contribution to the future of Venice. This is the foundation of Confini – Call for electroacoustic chamber music, our 6th call for works in collaboration with the Venice Conservatoire, in which we offer for the first time the possibility to reside in Venice to prepare and perform the winning works.

  • Confini is open to all composers of any age and nationality;
  • The prize for winners consists in a 5-day residency in Venice to present their pieces at a special event held in the historical concert hall of the Venice Conservatoire during the 2021 season;on this stay, they will be able to rehearse their works with an ensemble for 3 days prior to the performance, inside the beautiful church of Saint Cosma and Damiano on the Giudecca island.
  • The award includes all travel fees, lodging, meals and basic daily expenses;
  • The ensemble will be selected by the Venice Conservatoire and conducted by Carlo Emilio Tortarolo;the jury panel that appoints winners is qualified by the honorary presence of the internationally acclaimed composers Claudio Ambrosini and Andrea Liberovici among others;
  • Participants will be provided with a high quality recording of the performance
  • The exact dates of residency and concert will be confirmed at the end of the current COVID-19 emergency;
  • Application fee is € 20.