Academia Musica - International Composer Prize

Deadline: 10 February 2020 17:00


1. The ACADEMIA MUSICA of Vienna is pleased to announce a call for submissions for the International Composer Prize, an international competition for musicians and composers of all ages and nationalities.
2. All entries must be received no later than February 10, 2020.
3. The competitionʼs personal data (First Name, Last Name, Date of birth, Citizenship, Address, Telephone Number, E-mail, Program and Biography) must be submitted in PDF – Format and send to:
4. The results of the competition will be published on the 14th February 2020.

1. CAT. – Solo Instruments or voices (without piano)- ; with a maximum duration of 12 minutes
2. CAT. – Piano Solo- ; with a maximum duration of 12 minutes
3. CAT. – Chamber Music (from 1 to 12 player); with a maximum duration of 20 minutes
4. CAT. – Orchestra pieces; with a maximum duration of 20 minutes
The entry fee is 50€.

1° CLASS. (95-100 points) – Medal and 1st Prize diploma
2° CLASS. (90 - 94,99 points) - Medal and 2nd Prize diploma
3° CLASS. (85 - 89,99 points) - Medal and 3rd Prize diploma
The Absolute Winner for each Category is the competitor who gained the highest score, but not less than 98/100. - For the 1st Absolute Prize: Prize of 300 Euros, Medal and Diploma.

The payment must be made to:
Dr. Mirza Kapetanovic
IBAN: AT04 3200 0000 1130 6040
Banc: Raiffeisenlandesbank NOE - Wien

Die Entscheidungen der Jury sind unanfechtbar/decision of the jury is final.
For further information, please contact:
Pilgerimgasse 22-24
1150 Wien