New Music Dublin 2024: Diatribe Stage - The Archetypes Project

26 April 2024 21:00

The Studio, National Concert Hall

Nathan Sherman, viola; Alex Petcu, percussion, Garrett Sholdice, keyboard.

Nathan Sherman and Alex Petcu devised The Archetypes Project as a reflection on archetypal symbols that date back to the birth of consciousness and reveal our place in nature—drawing together newly commissioned and existing works by Nick Roth, Ann Cleare, Benjamin Dwyer, Siobhán Cleary and Nathan Sherman.

According to Jungian theory, archetypes – ‘the persona, the shadow, the anima and the self’ – are archaic forms of innate human knowledge, passed down from our ancestors and inherited in the same way we inherit instinctive patterns of behaviour. Come to this performance on the multi-venue Diatribe Stage to explore a range of musical responses to this fascinating idea of a collective unconscious.


Nick Roth - Sophia x Bythos (2023) [Irish premiere]

Ann Cleare - gravity dreams iv (2024) [world premiere]

Benjamin Dwyer - Laganton (2024) 

Siobhán Cleary - Scheherezade: The Art of the Trickster (2023) [Irish premiere]

Nathan Sherman - Cauldron of Morning (2024) [Irish premiere]​


€15, multibuy ticket offers available. Booking via New Music Dublin here.​


The Studio, National Concert Hall

Earlsfort Terrace
Dublin 2

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01 417 0000