RTÉ NSO: Music of our Time featuring Ed Bennett work

16 January 2018 13:05

National Concert Hall

RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra 

Brett Dean, conductor

Mark Simpson, clarinet


Programme includes

Ed Bennett Freefalling RTE commission 
Brett Dean, Ariel's Music 
Mark Simpson, a major new voice on the international stage as both clarinettist and composer, performs Brett Dean’s breakthrough piece, a clarinet concerto hailed as"... monumental and chillingly effective… dedicated to Ariel Glaser, who died of AIDS in 1988 at the age of seven… contemporary music that is both sympathetic and powerful but never offensive." (International Clarinet Journal).
Before this, Ed Bennett’s Freefalling, ‘partially inspired by feelings of falling, flying, floating and travelling at uncontrollably high speeds.’ snd in the first instance, inspired by the 2012 freefall record by the Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner. The composer explains:
In 2012 the Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner broke the world freefall record by jumping out of a tiny capsule from an altitude of somewhere around 39 kilometres. As he hurtled towards the Earth’s surface he reached a speed of 1357kph and in doing so, he travelled faster than the speed of sound. The awe inspiring images of Baumgartner jumping from this little seat high above our planet’s surface astounded people around the world, myself included. The majority of us do our best to avoid falling over but Felix was determined to do it in style.’

National Concert Hall

Earlsfort Terrace
Dublin 2

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