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Serendipity and other works cover

Serendipity and other works

Priory Records Ltd - AIR-CD-9011

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Philip Martin's piano trio, Serendipity, was inspired by paintings in the Crawford Gallery, Cork, the home of the Crawford Piano Trio for whom he wrote it. Also on this disk are Martin's Two Elegies for Violin and Piano; Songs for the Four Parts of the Night; Light Music and The Rainbow Comes and Goes.

Track Listings (For composers registered in CMC only.)*

Track Composer Composition Sound Clip
Track 1 Philip Martin Serendipity
Crawford Piano Trio: Adrian Petcu (vn), Iosef Calef (vc), Jan Cáp (pf).

48 sec. mp3 clip
Track 2 & 3 Philip Martin Two Elegies
Ruxandra Colan (vn), Philip Martin (pf).
no clip available
Track 4 Philip Martin Songs for the Four Parts of the Night
Penelope Price Jones (S-solo), Ruxandra Colan (vn).

33 sec. mp3 clip
Track 5 Philip Martin Light Music
Penelope Price Jones (S-solo), Philip Martin (pf).

34 sec. mp3 clip
Track 6 Philip Martin The Rainbow Comes and Goes
Philip Martin (pf).

36 sec. mp3 clip

*Priory Records Ltd was previously the Altarus label.

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